Metta to Insects

I still remember when I was living amidst a Thailand forest sangha for a short while, there were all kinds of creepy crawlies over there whether in the washroom or in the kitchen. I even recall seeing a scorpion early in the morning when I was trying to poop in the toilet, it totally freaked me out even though I am a scorpio. Being in the Thai forest was a great opportunity to practise metta, because we were living with so many kinds of sentient beings whether seen or unseen, I still remember taking a shower in the freezing Chiang Mai shower room and there were cockroaches and lizards kicking a big racket and it was so difficult to be kind. Still, since we were there to experience the dharma, we try our best to abstain from killing, la. The mind was totally frustrated because it was really not accustomed to seeing so many bugs, but with metta of the best effort, we exercise self restraint.


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