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How Trees and Grass Become Enlightened

Ten-foot Square

The No-Monument Monument

The Exact Moment for Hatching

Measuring the Water

The Old Cow, Tetsuma

A Walk in the Hills


Calling Card

Taking Up the Staff at Lotus Mountain

Sozan's Four Don'ts

Hyakurei's Attainment

Tozan's Tripitaka

Unmon's Feast in the Joss House

Gyosan Sits in Meditation

The Greatest Depth

The Ultimate Teaching

The Three Worlds

Ganto's Ax

The Real Eye

Everyday Life Is the Way

Jimyo's Summary

Drop of Water

The One Road of Nirvana

Suigan's Eyebrows

Holy Fruits

Joshu's Dwelling Place

Unmon's Family Tradition

The Iron Boat

Unko Sends Some Hakama

Living Alone

The Broken Tray

Yakusan's Lake

Gensha's Blank Paper

Yakusan Holds Zen

Funyo's Walking Stick

The Four Gates of Joshu

Echo's Inquiry About Buddha

Who Is He?

An Oak Tree in the Garden

Three Pounds of Flax

Shiko's Poem

Yakusan's Lecture

Three Days

The Self Perishes When the Universe Perishes

Scented Grasses, Falling Flowers

Managing the Monks

Meeting Students

Preceding Teachers

Tapping the Arm-rest

Kasapa's Preaching Sign

Tokusan's Bowl

Possessed of Insight

The First Principle

Hoju Turns His Back

Carrying the Bundle Under His Arm

A Million Objects

The Wooden Ball

Perfect Understanding (Daitsu Chiso) Buddha

Washing the Bowl

Meeting a Zen Master on the Road

Dust-Speck Samadhi

The Sound of Raindrops

The Cobra

Front Three, Back Three

The Opposite of Statement

No Water, No Moon

Mokusen's Hand

Joshu's Zen

Daiten's Age

Buddha's Body

Touching Sanctity

Preaching Dharma

A Higher Understanding

Secret Transmission

Seppo's Punctuality

The Ideograph for Mind

The Government Official

Mugo's Fancies

Preaching from the Third Seat

Nansen's Little Hut

Kyosei's Big Stick

A Monk's Zen Gesture

Gyosan Draws a Line

Two Monks Roll Up the Screen

Examining Two Monks

A Monk's Funeral for a Fox

Punishing the Sky

Blow Out the Candle

Cutting Trees

The Ultimate Truth

The Peony

Buddhistic Age

Stone Buddha

Basho's Staff

Crossing a Stream


Nansen Rejects Both Monk and Layman

Emperor Taishu's Dream

Opening Speech of Lazan

A Cup of Tea

The Master Covers His Head

A Buddha

A Dung Stick

Overturning the Water Pail

Alone and Poor

Mind Is Not Buddha

This Very Mind

The Moon Can Not Be Stolen

Shozan's Phrase

The Giver Should Be Thankful

Uteki Asks What Buddha Is

Not Flag, Not Wind

Visible Trunk, Autumn Wind

The First Age Teaching

The Taste of Banzo's Sword


Open Your Own Treasure House

A Garden of Medicinal Flowers

Three Worlds, No Dharma

The Nose Is Twisted

The Meditation Arm-rest

Solving a Monk's Problem

How Do You See Your Buddha-nature?

Kotei Strikes a Monk

A Monk Is Rejected

Joshu Investigates an Old Woman

Gyosan's Greeting

Echu's Three Calls

Sixty Blows

The Statue of Avalokitesvara

Isan Summons Two Official Monks

The Three Barriers of Tosotsu

Keichu's Wheel

Obaku and the Wine-Guzzlers

Roso Faces the Wall

The True Man of No Title

Inner Culture

Unmon's Staff

Original Face

Tipping Over a Water Vase

Matter-of-Fact Advice

Zuigan Calls His Own Master

The Gate of Paradise

Lotus Blossoms and Leaves

The Temple

The Turtle in the Garden

The Real Way Is Not Difficult

The Girl Comes Out of Meditation

The Southern Mountain

Jizo's Buddhism

A Philosopher Asks Buddha

Where to Meet after Death

Manjusri Enters the Gate

Everything is Best

No Beard

Returning to the Ordinary World

Bodhidharma and the Emperor Wu