Kasapa's Preaching Sign

Ananda asked Kasapa, "Buddha gave you the golden robe of successorship. What else did he give you?" Kasapa said, "Ananda." Ananda answered, "Yes, brother." Said Kasapa, "Now you can take down my preaching sign and put up your own."

Kasapa and Ananda were two outstanding disciples of the Buddha. Kasapa became the first successor (symbolised by the golden robe) when the Buddha died. So when Ananda asked his elder brother monk what else the Buddha had given him, Kasapa answered by saying, "Ananda." When Ananda answered, "Yes, brother," at that instant they communicated. Kasapa refers to this mutual understanding when he tells Ananda to replace his preaching sign. Truth is transmitted without a word, just as love is communicated without a word. When two persons are in love, it is needless to say, "I love you." Just by calling his or her name, love is understood and communicated. How subtle and beautiful it is.


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