Tzu Chi Revisited

I used to be a member of Tzuchi Singapore and donated regularly, but I quit in 2015 to focus on my recovery from depression.

Time flies. In the recent months I keep receiving YouTube reminders asking me to watch dharma teachings by the aged Master Cheng Yan. I have been following His/Her talks and the affinity is still strong, except that I am no longer a paying subscriber.

In the recent weeks as Taiwanese Presidential Elections get underway in full swing, I am bombarded with even more information and misinformation, so when I cannot cope, I turn to Tzuchi for a break. 

When I look at what's going on in Western and Middle East countries, I am confident that only in countries where Buddhism is prevalent and strong can wars be prevented. I don't know how to stop PRC from invading ROC, but I believe that with the love sent forth from Master Cheng Yan and Tzu Chi living Bodhisattvas, love can overcome anger and patience can transcend frustration. I wish that the Taiwanese Elections lead to a peaceful and non-confrontational outcome, my ideal is the buddhish Ko Wen Je to win the elections but still I am willing to support a pan-green coalition since they also intend to maintain status quo.

As I am of ethnic Chinese stock, it would sadden me if PRC and ROC go back to war, and I pray that with Tzu Chi around to promote great love, may calamity be averted. Master Cheng Yan is already in his/her late 80s, I don't know how long he/she might live, but I simply believe in miracles.

As long as I am a Buddhist, I would pray for peace between ROC and PRC. May all ill will be resolved amicably. Thanks.


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