Practical Counselling

 When I first joined the workforce, I was keen on learning skillsets that were outside of my computing job scope. Without thinking too much, I took up a counselling course with Academy of Human Development in Singapore and I went for the practical counselling certification. I graduated and am grateful for the knowledge that I learned from the coursework.

Of all the skills I learned throughout my life, I found the counselling framework that I learned from AHD the most relevant with most hands-on application. Till now even though it has been nearly 15 years since I learned the PADI framework, I am still using it to solve problems and counsel myself and others.

What is the PADI framework then? Well, PADI stands for:

  • P: Problem Definition
  • A: Attempted Solution
  • D: Desired Outcome
  • I: Intervention Plan
How do we use it on an ordinary day then? For instance, I may make a point to solve my own problem this afternoon in such a manner:
  • Problem Definition:
    I feel very bored stiff this afternoon.

  • Attempted Solution:
    I have had lunch at Marsiling Mall, and after coming back from my meal I still feel quite bored.

  • Desired Outcome:
    I don't wish to rock the boat. Whatever I do, I wish to let the young ones grow up well, happy, safe and peacefully especially my cousins Ong Shujian and Ong Shuqing whom I watched grow up. I also would like to let the old ones live on if they wish to. In between I wish to save and earn some money, sex and fame where feasible and / or appropriate. If the old ones affect the young ones adversely, before that happens, I wish to let the oldest ones pass on first. This is my motivation, intention and desired outcome.

  • Intervention Plan:
    Usually, I will remind myself of the training precepts I have taken. This helps me decide what to do next.
  1. Don't kill.
  2. Don't rob.
  3. Don't fornicate.
  4. Don't lie.
  5. Don't intoxicate.
  6. Don't monasticise.
  7. Don't politicise.
  8. Don't violate.
With that said, I go along with the flow and overcome my problem of boredom, one step and one breath at a time.


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