Scientific Research

In the recent years since I became self-employed here in Singapore, I have a nagging autosuggestion in my head that tells me "don't give up on scientific research". I am bewildered by what this entails, but it's not that I am not interested in science. I am interested in science, in fact I love Science, and I don't mind continuous failure as a scientific researcher which is what I am still doing. Yet, what I don't like is the fact that HR and headhunting consultants like to paint scientific research in an extremely positive light, which to me is all bogus. To me, scientific research is full of bullsh*t and I don't even want to comb through a whole bunch of scientific journals in search of some superficial truth. To me, truth is suffering, and I found suffering when I turn the page and read a Buddhist manual. I hence became a highly sceptical, agnostic Buddhist and I practise zazen instead of scientific research as a primary discipline. Zazen works better for me than Science, I still like science, but I prefer to see life as a bunch of riddles that need me to make sense of, rather than as a bunch of theories that I can neither prove nor disprove.


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