Missing My Maternal Grandmother

For the initial 30 years of my life, I was entirely brought up by my maternal grandmother living in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore. I quit my full time job at Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd in the year 2009 so that I could accompany my grandmother during her final years of her life. I have no regrets doing so, because she mattered the world to me. If I were asked, I will still do it all over again so that I would be at her bedside during her last days. 

During sleepless nights like right now, I would miss my grandma a lot. Even though my family is gut sure that Grandma is in a better place for her afterlife, what I cherish instead are the moments I shared with her throughout my youth. When she was dying in the year 2012, I suffered from a bad bout of depression. Try as I did, I didn't fully recover and I still suffer from ad-hoc symptoms till this day. 

After she died, I followed her lifelong wishes right down till the dot, though I did not become the success she would like me to be, I didn't betray my conscience and continued to be a supporting member of our extended family. 

At this juncture, all I want to say is that I miss her a lot, but at the same time I am grateful to her for bringing me up. I treasured the moments we had shared, and I continue to give thanks. Also, I count my blessings that my parents are still alive and I am not yet a full orphan. It is good to have elders around in the family.


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