Breaking Up

I only have one ex i.e. from a serious relationship. We broke up because she told me that she wanted to go back to her ex-boyfriend, and she gave me a lot of weird excuses including that "God told her to do it". To me it was unacceptable because if she wanted her ex-boyfriend that much then she shouldn't have made me spend that much time and effort with her, but the moment she made up her mind to return to her ex-boyfriend, she didn't even consider what would I end up.

So, we broke up.

I bumped into her again when I was at Tiong Bahru Plaza one day, she said hi to me as if we were very good friends. To me it was totally ridiculous, she literally tore up the relationship single handedly and yet she wanted to be friends with me. I could not accept it.

I did not see her ever since the year 2010, and I have no regrets condemning her forever. I am a Scorpio; I can love intensely but I also hate immensely too.


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