Loving Myself

15 years ago, when I was still at a Japanese MNC, I attended a team building workshop hosted by Pace-OD Consulting and I still remember the organiser a Lily Cheng asking every one of us to give ourselves one big squishy hug.

It might sound weird initially, but that was precisely what I did. I wrapped my arms around my torso and gave myself a big hug, and I told myself that I loved myself. It felt unique. It felt warm. It felt like the most amazing gift I have ever received from myself the entire life.

What makes it more amusing is that the hug did not cost me a single cent. I did not have to buy it from a greedy vendor, I did not have to beg somebody to give me, all I needed was to give myself an unconditional hug without any strings attached, and without any prerequisites or wicked demands.

I loved myself! How sweet does that sound to you? Before I could love the world, first of all I had to love myself. And that was what I did during that workshop, and I still practise this big squishy hug even till this very day. I am too special not to be loved, and all I needed is a pair of arms together with my own body, and I can easily love myself. I deserve to be loved.


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