Funeral Arrangements

For me, because I am not married and without kids, I pledged to donate my corpse to the National Organ Transplant Unit for Medical (Therapy, Education and Research) purposes. Henceforth my cadaver would be used by educators for investigative purposes and after around four years or so, they would cremate my body and dispose of my ashes into the sea. I have also arranged for a memorial tablet for me and my parents at KMSPKS Pureland Hall. Basically I am ready to die, just waiting for the time to come.

I wished to have my cremated ashes to be disposed of at Mandai Garden of Peace instead of being disposed in the sea, but so far no mention of this in the news yet, so I am still waiting for the update.

Just for the record, the prerequisite for cadaveric donation is that I must be free from infectious disease and come as a full body generally intact, so I am working on preserving my body in good shape for the final journey.

Right now I am living for the purpose of undertaking my still alive parents. I would like to outlive them so that I can be there to send them off on their final journey. When that is done I'd go where my Buddhist vows let me go. I don't mind going to hell if I can help the Buddhas and bodhisattvas save sentient beings from there. So far I am keeping my options open.


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