Peace Is Every Step

On 29 October 2023, former Singaporean President Halimah Yacob responded to the crisis in Gaza saying the following,

UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution calling for “humanitarian truce” and civilian protection in Gaza, which Singapore also supported. Although this resolution has no binding effect, nevertheless surely the decision of 120 countries representing the majority of states should matter. Otherwise, the value and role of international bodies will be seriously undermined.

I agreed completely with Puan Halimah. It is also my lowly observation as a UN online volunteer that much more can still be done for the betterment of this planet other than waging senseless wars. One thing for sure, the Global Goals for Sustainable Development are already on the to do list, and folks like me have enough work up our arses [sic] trying to ensure that lives are being saved, so we have no room for military confrontations which distract us from the topics that matter more to us. So please, fight all you have to, but remember that peace is the only outcome that we seek, please come back to the UN Sustainable Development Platform and continue talks and dialogues. Thank you and I wish you Puan Halimah and everyone a good day. It's a new day, a new week and a new beginning! How fortunate we are to wake up to a brand new day! Breathing is a luxury!


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