The Wooden Ball

One day Seppo began a lecture to the assembled monks by rolling a wooden ball down from the platform. Gensha retrieved the ball and replaced it on the platform.

Often the simplest, easiest action seems complex. Seppo rolled a wooden ball off the platform. The monks thought it must have some deep meaning. Gensha, an oustanding student, picked it up and replaced it. Where is the hidden meaning? If someone drops something, pick it up and give it back. If it starts to rain, come inside. Things are as natural as that. When a problem arises, don't attach to it; observe it and solve it totally instead of locally. The melon is round and the cucumber curls. Such as their nature. You cannot say a circle is better than a square. Seppo rolled the ball; Gensha picked it up. The first action has a beginning but no end; the second action has an end but no beginning. Neither is more meaningful.


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