The Three Worlds

A monk asked Ganto, "When the three worlds threaten me, what shall I do?" Ganto answered, "Sit down." "I do not understand," said the monk. Ganto said, "Pick up the mountain and bring it to me. Then I will tell you."

The three worlds are the world of desire, the world of thought, and the material world - in short, everything. The question is, when everything thraetens, what should one do? The three worlds are neither good or bad, right or wrong. They neither threaten nor are they favourably disposed. The three worlds are just there. Things come and go beyond our control: rain, wind, heat, cold, meeting, separation, growing old, and dying. These are the realities of life and one must face them, regardless. Acceptance is transcendance. Let the three worlds come and let the three world go. Recognise the impossible, such as picking up a mountain, and just be yourself.


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