Mugo's Fancies

Mugo, a National Teacher, said, "If one has fancies about sages or mediocrities, even though these fancies are as fine as delicate threads, they are strong enough to pull him down into the animal kingdom."

In China, a National Teacher, or Kokushi, was teacher to the Emperor. The name, Mugo, was given to him by the Emperor and means "no karma." He must have been truly a free man, for karma, the law of cause and effect, is something that binds us all. The only way to transcend karma is to become one with it. Mugo's warning is: if one has even the subtlest idea of or attachment to wise or mediocre, good or bad, right or wrong, birth or death, enlightenment or ignorance, he will be pulled down to the animal kingdom. The animal kingdom is controlled by anger, greed, and ignorance and is the opposite of the buddha-world or enlightenment. But if we cherish such an idea, we are off the Buddha's Way. Even attachment to Zen will drag one down to the animal kingdom. Transcend attachment by going to the root of it. When you do it, do it. When you die, die!


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