How Do You See Your Buddha-nature?

A monk said to Seppo, "I understand that a person in the stage of a Cravaka sees his Buddha-nature as he sees the moon at night, and a person in the stage of Bodhisattva sees his Buddha-nature as he sees the sun at day. Tell me how you see your own Buddha-nature?" In answer. Seppo struck the monk three times with his stick. The monk went to another teacher, Ganto, and asked the same question. Ganto slapped him three times.

A Cravaka is characterised as interested only in his own enlightenment. His seeing of Buddha-nature is like seeing the moon at night; it is, more often than not, a reflection. The Bodhisattva is interested in and concerned with all beings. He sees Buddha-nature in all things, just as when the sun shines, its light falls impartially on all. But the monk was an idler, asking someone else how they see their Buddha-nature instead of trying to see his own. It is only natural to give him three blows in hope of awakening him.


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