Solving a Monk's Problem

After a morning lecture to the monks, Yakusan was approached by a monk who said, "I have a problem. Will you solve it for me?" Yakusan answered, "I will solve it at the evening lecture." When all the monks gathered in the hall that evening, Yakusan called out, "The monk who told me this morning that he had a problem - step forward right now!" As soon as the monk stood in front of the assembly, the Master took hold of him roughly. "Look here, monks," he said, "this fellow has a problem." He pushed the monk aside and went to his room.

Life is living. Truth is concrete. Zen concerns itself with immediacy and directness because Zen is life. A problem that can wait all day for a solution is hardly a problem! Can you wait all day when your head is under water? Yakusan's evening lecture was most dramatic.


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