Calling Card

Kitagaki, the governor of Kyoto, called upon the great Zen master of Tofukuji Temple, Master Keichu. He gave the attendant monk his calling card to present to Keichu. The card read: "Kitagaki, Governor of Kyoto." Keichu looked at the card and said, "I have no business with such a fellow. Tell him to get out of here!" The attendant carried the card back with an apology. "No, that was my error," the governor said. He took the card, scratched out the words "Governor of Kyoto," and said, "Please take this back and ask your teacher again." When Keichu saw the card he said, "Oh, is that Kitagaki? I want to see that fellow."

In the world of Dharma there is no rank, no sex, no race. A Zen Master has no interest in whether one is a king, emperor, governor, farmer, or beggar. He is interested only in those who seek the truth.


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