The Sound of Raindrops

Kyosei asked a monk one day, "What is that noise outside?" The monk answered, "That is the voice of the raindrops.' Kyosei said, "All living things are upside down, deceived as to their true nature and pursuing objects." The monk then asked, "What about yourself, sir?' Kyosei answered, "I am near to not being deceived about myself." The monk asked, "What does 'near to not being deceived mean?'" Kyosei replied, "Talking in the abstract is easy enough, but explaining reality with words is difficult."

To be upside down, deceived about one's own true nature, and pursuing objects is to be unenlightened. The monk asked Kyosei, "What about yourself?" Kyosei answred, in effect, that overcoming deception and attaining enlightenment is not hard, but overcoming deception and transcending enlightenment is difficult. True and real enlightenment is non-attachment to either deception or enlightenment.


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