Husk of Millet

Seppo said, "This whole great world, if picked up, is like a husk of millet seed in size. Thrown down, and lying right before one's eyes, it is as unrecognisable as the proverbial black lacquer pail. Beat the drum and, altogether, search everywhere!"

What is the whole world we think of and talk about? It is a concept. What we actually live is life. It is immediate and direct. My hunger is bigger and more important than the whole of this great world. The cut on my little finger is much greater than the war. I am greater than the sun. My toe hurts if stepped upon. It is larger than the world. The universe is as small as a husk of millet and as hard to see as a black lacquer pail on a dark night. It is insignificant because it has nothing to do with one's actual life here, now. Life is dynamic. Seppo wants us to live life.


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