Meditating Long, Becoming Weary

A monk asked Kyorin, "What was the purpose in Bodhidharma's coming West?" Kyorin said, "To meditate a long time and become weary."

There are one hundred thirty-some koans about the meaning of Bodhidharma's coming to China. This subject has been endlessly discussed, so much, in fact, that is has taken on a special meaning and significance. That is why Kyorin answered as he did. Bodhidharma came because he wanted to come. Bodhidharma meditated for nine years facing a wall; he lived his life sincerely and steadfastly, as the sun shines in the sky. Zen is nothing unusual; it is true to the reality of life. If one wishes to accomplish anything in life, one must have great energy and make great efforts. Why discuss Bodhidharma's coming to China? It would be better to sit down and meditate as Bodhidharma did.


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